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About Us

Riggie Freyer

Thanks for your interest in finding out more about us. I’m Riggie, and am a South African who studied Computer Science in the 80’s.

I love working with new technology and helping businesses succeed in their own field.

I invest most of my time generating online traffic for businesses around the world, and helping them scale their business exponentially by automating their marketing. 

The entrepreneur’s valuable time is then available to concentrate on scaling his business instead of stressing to bring in customers.

Our business uses the latest marketing strategies and tools to help you to generate customers, follow-up and build personal relationships with them, and set up an effective sales process to close new leads almost instantly.

              Jared Freyer

 I’m Jared, and a former professional musician and music label assistant for over 7 years. I’ve been involved in marketing part-time for the past 3 years now.  After quitting the music business to become a full time marketer, online marketing has now become my absolute passion.Whether you need professional and appealing Facebook Ads, SEO or Google AdWords done for your business, I will make it my sole priority to help you to scale your business to a new level.