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Search Engine Optimization

What is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization. Besides SEA – search engine advertising in the form of Google AdWords ads or Bing ads it is a sub-discipline of SEM – search engine marketing.

How does SEO work?

SEO is commonly used to optimize your own Web site through specific methods so that more visitors are steered to your Web site by achieving better rankings.

Successful search engine optimization is based on keyword analyses, technical principles, content in the form of texts as well as the architecture of the Web site. In the long term a SEO strategy only works when it is customized to both customer needs and the special features of the Web site. 

How Freyer Marketing can help you

                        Keyword & Market ResearchWe help to guide your SEO strategy through solid keyword and market research to provide realistic forecasts of opportunities within your market. 

                                      ConsultancyTo develop a proper strategy we help you define your SEO objectives.  

                                        Onsite SEOWe analyse the structure and internal architecture of your website plus other key elements to advise you on all aspects of SEO, from schema, to site migrations & more. 

                                      Link BuildingLinks are still a core element when it comes to ranking your website. Today link building encompasses PR & outreach as well as content marketing to get people interested and talking about your brand.

                                        Mobile SEOIt can not be stressed enough how important it is today that your website is optimized for mobile devices. Mobile users often use search engines like google with specific keywords when searching on mobile. ​

                                        Local SEOLocal SEO is especially important for shops and businesses with a physical location. Through specific methods you can reach out to more customers and clients in a certain area to drive your business locally. 

                               Analysis & Reporting We provide monthly reporting on all data such as visibility, analytics, conversions & revenue so the performance of your campaign can be attributed back to you SEO investment.