I'm Riggie Freyer and studied computer science in the 1980's. However my passion has always been natural healing, radiant health, mental toughness & fitness.

I'm a certified Hypnotherapist with the National Council for Hypnotherapy in the UK, and also certified with Dr. Morse in the USA in Clinical Iridology & Regenerative Toxification.

In addition I completed the NLP Master Practitioner in the UK and as well as the Alternative Health Practitioner for Psychology in Germany.

My research & practical experience now spans about 25 years in Healing Naturally.

I teach clients mental strategies & skills to make lasting changes in their lives, combined with changes in their health to experience radiant health & prevent disease.

Clients who are hurting from disease and other serious issues, are taught to heal themselves the natural way, which nature has intended for us.

Our goal is to experience radiant health with strength & flexibility.

With most clients I take time to help them develop mental strategies to cope with their life's challenges, which are intimately linked to physical disease. In addition, I do an Iridology analysis, as well as a Tongue diagnosis (According to Ayurveda), amongst other analysis.

An effective strategy is then designed to progress  towards radiant health... mentally & physically.